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We are troubleshooters focused on overcoming the most challenging issues in software development and IT outsourcing.

Discuss your projectWe care about your users, profit and growth. We are ready to share our expertise.

A one-stop partnerinto the future

The story of ITernal Group started in 2019 with a merger of three IT outsource companies. The oldest of them was founded in 2004. We have wide expertise in more than 20 industries: adtech, martech, fintech, ERP, transport, logistics, ecommerce, and more. This offers great potential to companies that work with us. With our help, you can improve an existing software, scale fast or launch R&D centers with minimal efforts.

Our 360° services

Large successful enterprises and booming startups work with us. Since each client is unique and has different needs, we offer a wide range of software development services that unlock the potential of our clients and fuel their growth.

Product developmentBring your idea and let us analyze, build, design, and release a top-notch custom software to market.
Managed serviceFocus on your business and save a lot of resources with a whole range of recurring IT services.
Dedicated teamExpand your development capabilities and tap into new tech expertise with a team working just for you.

We help companies to move forward faster

We are focused on eliminating all the pains that accompany any business through a lifespan. That’s why we dive deep to find and remove any blockers, to help our clients make an impact on markets and reach their business goals.

Help companies grow and prosper

Technology expertise for IT companies

Prevent bottlenecks and set the wheels of the prolonged development process in motion. To meet deadlines, we have a great talents and can handle the whole project by our team.

  • Move and scale faster
  • Prioritize tasks and feature sets
  • Find the right tools
  • Straighten the development flow

Software development from scratch

Get a ready-to-sell software in time. With ITernal, you get access to multi-industry expertise that helps to avoid the main mistakes when launching a new business.

  • Launch a new business without stress
  • Get an assembled team of skilled software engineers
  • Stick with proven technology stacks
  • Build a software and improve it with every iteration

R&D for non-residents

Go test drive before opening your own R&D center in Ukraine. Benefit from expert advice on legal and recruitment to avoid unnecessary risks or set up a company on a turn-key basis.

  • Get access to the largest tech talents pool in Ukraine
  • Minimize risks and financial loss
  • Low and simple tax rates
  • Launch R&D in 2 months

Market expertise at

HealthCare We develop high-performance software solutions helping healthcare companies to drive industry transformations and utilize the latest digital technologies.
Marketplaces Hosted, serviced solution, scalable architecture, low latency, cloud-enabled features. Custom development of proprietary platforms, infrastructures, systems. Reduced Cost.
FinTech Experienced Fintech Developers that can help you with your Digital Transformation. Successful track record with People, Process, technology and Culture. Fintech. Near-zero Defect Software.

Why work with ITernal

  • Proven experience16-year expertise in software development
  • Strong engineersSenior-level professionals with 5 years average
  • Fast scaling2 month to launch, terminate with a 2-week notice
  • Dedicated managerYou get a personal supervisor who closely follows your project
  • Risk free agreementsContract with EU or US entity, IP belongs to your company
  • Low taxesIncome tax 5% included in the rate

Disrupt and develop markets

Our satisfied clients across the globe

Over the 16 years of existence, ITernal became the first-choice partner for companies all over the world.

What our customers say

Check stories from our customers to learn how ITernal helped them transform their businesses with software solutions, apps, and more.

We came to ITernal as another company has let us down. And I'll be honest, we've been difficult clients to them with requesting new features during sprints etc. Nevertheless they have been patient with us and delivered a product (front- and back-end) that worked from day one and still working and generating a good revenue although not being touched for 4 months now. It's stable, does exactly what we requested and has proven to take the load we expected.

The costs for the development were reasonable and having in mind what we have now I would call myself a happy client.

Andreas JarzabekHead of Process and Organizational Change Management at SignD

The platform fostered dynamic interactions between users and brands, which contributed to increased social media activity and sales growth. Besides their meticulousness, timeliness, and expansive technical knowledge, ITernal maintained consistent communication to complete the project efficiently.

Kevin MarkosvkiCo-Founder & CEO at Spitche

ITernal are a very trustworthy and honest outfit, who have always demonstrated their reliability and commitment to their clients & partners.

I look forward to an ongoing business relationship with the ITernal and recommend them unconditionally

Tristan SenyciaFounder at London Investable

We’ve cooperated with ITernal on both web and mobile development projects. They provide a great service to us and our partners, you feel that the guys care about your business.

ITernal brings only professional teams into projects, and they create successful products. The teams know how to improve products in order to bring value to the target audience in the long term.

Bohdan FlyorkivHead of Customer Success at YouTeam

VISUALIZERS have been successfully and fruitfully working with ITernal since the end of 2014. The company has proved itself as a reliable partner, that can provide:

  • a flexible approach to customer requirements;
  • a high level of expertise in website development;
  • qualitative client service.

The accuracy of task realization should be mentioned; along with the use of latest technologies, the highest quality of the development process, compliance with deadlines and highest level of client service, and a rapid response to client requests.

M.AvramenkoDirector, VISUALIZERS Pvt Co., Ukraine

We recently chose ITernal to design and create iOS and Android screens for a new Mobile app we are currently releasing to mobile app stores.

The ITernal Team was very responsive to all our requests and made amendments very promptly and to specification.

This team comes highly recommended by us, as a team you can rely on to get the results you need.

Emma HyneFacewatch Limited, UK

Grow faster with the best tech talents

Booming tech ecosystem, large talent pool, and a strong education made Ukraine a perfect place to start IT outsourcing. Here, international tech giants can hire high-skilled developers that have solid technical expertise, high English proficiency level, and knowledge of emerging disciplines.

ITernal helps to handpick and hire IT specialists for remote teams that integrate painlessly or work independently.

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