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The story of ITernal Group started in 2019 with a merger of three IT outsource companies. The oldest of them was founded in 2004. We have wide expertise in more than 20 industries: adtech, martech, fintech, ERP, transport, logistics, ecommerce, and more. This offers great potential to companies that work with us. With our help, you can improve an existing software, scale fast or launch R&D centers with minimal efforts.

We can do for you

  • Proofs of concept and MVPs for start-ups
  • Software development for SMEs and large enterprises
  • Set up R&D centers
  • Advice on every step of M&As
  • Hire, train, and provide professional development
Discuss your projectWe care about your users, profit and growth. We are ready to share our expertise.

The story of creation

ITernal was founded in 2019 as a joint venture between UFuture and InSoft Partners. InSoft Partners is a Ukrainian IT investment management holding with more than a decade of experience and extensive track-record in the industry.

Our achievements

We have developed a website for Concert.ua. Number #1 in Ukraine. Online platform for buying and selling event tickets for concerts, festivals, sports events, theatre, etc01
Rozetka – TOP 1 E-commerce platform in Ukraine. Business migrates from e-commerce platform to the marketplace. Covers logistic, delivery, vendors support, website platform and iOS and Android applications02
Anticorruption organization #1 – Transparency International. We built the public interface with the options to submit and request, views accidents map, accidents history review and categories search.03

Our shareholders


A holding company that integrates business and impact-investment projects. The company has a diversified portfolio of assets in the fields of IT, renewable energy, real estate, infrastructure, industry, and pharmaceuticals. UFuture’s assets are estimated at $550 million, and the total capitalization of the businesses it invested in is more than $1 billion.


An investment management company that invests in IT business and provides M&A advisory services. Having a team with extensive experience in developing IT companies, InSoft Partners is involved in the operating activities of portfolio companies, which contributes to their rapid growth (through lead generation, changes in business processes, etc). Among the company’s counterparties are the famous American investment fund, Oak Tree Capital Management, and FinPoint/Rothschild & Co.

Our partners


A unique and scaling IT-training program with campuses in Kyiv and Kharkiv. Ucode was developed based on the Challenge Based Learning methodology, which was initiated by Apple and used at Apple Developer Academy. The training is built on real challenges, overcoming which students alone or in teams find ways to solve everyday problems.